Family Fun Activity Pack

We know that this is a strange time and it can be difficult to find something to do in self-isolation, especially if you have little ones to keep entertained. We thought we would put together a fun family activity pack to help pass the time and remind you of North Devon.

We hope it brings a smile to your face...


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plastic pollution

The Problem with Plastic Pollution in Our Oceans

Published: 16/04/2020

The thing about plastic, is it’s one of the most useful materials ever invented, that (we’re discovering) shouldn’t have been. For the purposes of human civilisation, plastic is everlasting. This is what’s scary about it. We’ve created something that is perfectly non-biodegradable. Plastic can sit around for 1000 years before it degrades.

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Beach Clean North Devon

How We Do Our Bit for the Environment

Published: 26/02/2020

At Hele Valley, we are passionate about the environment. Unsurprising, seeing as we are surrounded by some of the most splendid natural scenery in England.

Our guests are always delighted by the stunning countryside in the area, and we are committed to protecting it. So, we thought we’d provide some details about how we make sure we are doing our bit to help.

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Leaves drifting in the background Leaves drifting in the background Leaves drifting in the background
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