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Sustainability at Hele Valley Holiday Park

Here at Hele Valley we are passionate about preserving and protecting our environment, we are now a very proud six times winner of the David Bellamy Gold Award. We would like to tell you of some of the things we do here in order to achieve this constant Gold status.

Our Local Community

We have a strong commitment to the environment, our local community and the local economy. We only employ local people and use local tradesmen as much as is feasible to do so.

We also promote local services to our guests, initially at Hele Bay and then into Ilfracombe, we have a great choice of places to eat and drink, and attractions, you can see details of all these places on our activity pages.

In June each year we have a student from the local school visit us for work experience.

All our team at Hele Valley follows our “Environment First” policy, it is mandatory while at work and we actively encourage them to practise it in their home lives also.


For over a year now we have benefited from “Zero Landfill” waste disposal, with the help of our guests using the different bins we provide to separate there waste, it is then collected and very cleverly managed by Virador, nothing is wasted and we can be happy in the knowledge that we are not adding to the 600,000 tonnes that is deposited on Devon’s landfill sights every year.

Our tin cans are collected by the local community resource group (a non profit company that provide useful activities for people with learning disabilities) for recycling. All our in house printing is printed on scrap paper that has only been used one side, and after that the paper is shredded and added to our compost pile with our green waste. We have an old telephone box on site, together with our guests we put items in there that are no longer useful to us and they are free to a good home, this is a great way for our guests to recycle all the bucket and spades etc. that they have purchased while on holiday. We also advertise any unwanted items from the Park on Ilfracombe’s Items for Sale page on Facebook, we have given away lots of things such as filing cabinets, old kitchens, beds, firewood and old decking’s we are replacing.

Saving Water, Energy and Fuel

Every accommodation on the Park has a water butt to collect the rain water, this water is then used to water the gardens and tubs on site and it is also used when we wash the caravans down once a year.

We have low energy light bulbs fitted throughout the Park and we have motion detectors fitted to our lights.

We try not to waste fuel on site, although we have a works van, we try not to use it unless necessary and encourage our team to walk whenever possible, we recently purchased our Head of Maintenance a ‘Fitbit’ watch in order for him to track his steps and calories burnt, this has encouraged him to walk more and drive less. Where ever possible our maintenance team use our electric buggy.

Our shower block benefits from a biomass boiler, we have had the boiler for almost two years now and it has been massively successful, it has dramatically cut the cost of heating the shower block and we feel we have made a real difference by having it installed.

All our heating systems are controlled by room thermostats, which are programmed for times and temperatures, this prevents radiators being accidentally left on.

All our linen is laundered in house, this removes the wasted fuel used for collection and delivery and also allows us to employ an extra team member.


We love to help charities at Hele Valley, we have collection tins in our Reception and we donate monthly to the Donkey Sanctuary, the World Wildlife Fund and the local Dogs Trust . We also donate all our old duvets to Canine Re-homing, where some lovely ladies make dog beds to keep all the pooches warm.

We are sometimes asked to donate holidays for charity prizes, and we are always happy to do so, we ran a competition  last year for a deserving family to win a week in one of our Luxury Caravans during the summer holidays, we got all the local companies on board, and the family had a great time in Ilfracombe as a whole.


Our Reception team are constantly promoting local services, restaurants and attractions to our guests. In our Reception we have bus time tables, walking maps and cycling information to encourage our guests to take a more natural approach to their holidays. Our Reception team are experts on walking in North Devon and are always on hand to advice of a suitable walk depending on the abilities of the guest.


Our biggest love is nature, we do everything we can to preserve the beautiful area in which we live and work in. We are lucky enough to have an enchanting nature trail on site, our guests can walk along here and appreciate the wonders of the nature we are so fortunate to live and work amongst. Our nature trail is constantly being developed to make it more appealing to our wildlife. We have bird boxes, bird tables, owl and bat boxes, bird baths, dormouse boxes, and hedgehog houses and new in 2015 we built three bug hotels including the “Hele Bug Hotel”. We also took the ‘Honey Bee Pledge ’ last year and to help the Honey Bees we plant hedging, shrubs and flowers that help them survive (as long as our resident deer doesn't eat them first!)


We are genuinely dedicated to the environment at Hele Valley Holiday Park. We know it is the duty of every individual to make a difference. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint and we always welcome suggestions and we strongly urge you to think of ways that you and your family can help our environment also.