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Sales FAQs

Here are some FAQ's for buying a holiday caravan at Hele Valley Holiday Park.

What am I actually buying?
You will be buying your new holiday home outright. You will be granted if not new, the remainder of a site licence which was granted for 15 years for static caravans and 30 years for lodges. If you purchase a private owner's Holiday home you take on the existing licence expiry date. When the licence expires there is a possibility a further yearly licence will be offered, subject to your holiday home and pitch being in a suitable condition.

Do you have any practices in place to protect me and my Holiday Home?
Hele Valley Holiday Park is a member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association, we follow their rules and recommendations for the sale of Holiday Homes. The Licence Agreement is industry standard documentation supplied to us by the BH & HPA, so you can be rest assured that an established code of practice is in place.

Why have a licence period?
The BH & HPA recommend an initial licence length of 15 years for static caravans and 30 years for lodges, after this we may possibly renew your licence annually, this annual review is to ensure that the high quality of Hele Valley Holiday Park is maintained. If properly maintained, your holiday home can provide you with many years of happy holidays for you and your family.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

To secure your purchase we will ask for a 10% deposit, we then give you a cooling off period of 5 working days, if you wish to change your mind within the five days, we will refund your deposit, if you are then happy to go ahead we will work with you on a suitable time scale for the completion of your purchase. The balance must be settled 10 working days before take over with the bank transfer appearing in our account the day before. 

Can we buy a holiday home as a family or group?
Yes, some of our owners do this to help lower the cost while still reaping the benefits of owning a Holiday Home.

Can I use my Holiday Home as a permanent home?
No, our holiday homes are restricted to second home/holiday home use. All our owners must have a residential address. Our season runs from Easter/1st April to the 15th January of the following year, you are not permitted to reside in your Holiday Home during the closed period. You are allowed to stay a total of 28 days during any long stay

Are dogs allowed at Hele Valley Holiday Park?
Dogs are welcome, but must be well behaved, quiet and kept on a lead at all times when outside of your Holiday Home and you are of course required to clean up after them. There is a small charge each year for the removal of the obvious.

What are the running costs of owning a Holiday Home?
To keep a caravan at Hele Valley Holiday Park, it will cost around £4,500 per year. This includes pitch fee, insurance, pitch rate, refuse collection, water, gas, electricity and safety checks. These costs are spread over three invoices throughout the year. If you require any extra services from us, they will be in addition to the £4,500.

Do I have to pay council tax?

No, as your Holiday Home is for holiday use only it is not liable to council tax. However, a small rates charge is payable as mentioned above, and will be invoiced to you in the spring of each year.

Do I have to pay insurance?
Holiday Home insurance is compulsory. Details of the type and amount of insurance are available from the sales team. The insurance must cover new for old.

Can we sell the Holiday Home ourselves?
Yes, the terms and conditions of your licence explain all of your options if you ever decide to sell your Holiday Home. If you sell it on, Hele Valley Holiday Park we will need to approve the buyer and we will charge a transfer fee of 15% plus VAT.

Can I sublet my Holiday Home?
Yes, lots of our owners like to rent out their Holiday Homes when they are not using them. We provide a free key service and we can provide cleaning and maintenance at an extra charge.

Do I have to pay VAT on the purchase of a Holiday Home?
If you purchase a new Holiday Home then the price will include 5% VAT, if you purchase a Holiday Home that has been used before April 2013, there will be no charge for VAT. The contents of the Holiday Home is regarded as 10% of the sale and the contents is subject to 20% VAT, this applies to both scenarios above. For example a new caravan costing £20,000 would consist of £2,000 for contents and £18,000 for the caravan, the £2,000 would include 20% VAT (£333.33) and the £18,000 would include 5% VAT (£857.14).

How much is the Pitch Fee?
The 2019 pitch fee is £3175.47 incl. VAT and is due on the 1st January, the pitch fee can also be paid in two equal installments due on the 1st January and the 31st March.

Are there any rules at Hele Valley Holiday Park?
Yes, for the benefit of all owners and guests. All owners must read and sign a copy of the Park Rules when purchasing their Holiday Home. If you wish to see these rules, a full copy is available on request.